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A single language above idioms: the theatre language

By Vito Minoia


At the end of July 2006, Urbino became a small Capital of Culture, bringing the spirit of Renaissance back to life, with the enthusiasm of young people. This opportunity was provided by the organization of the sixth World Conference of University Theatre.

The book “Gli attori nel teatro universitario” (Actors in University Theatre) and the video “Persone originali” (Original people) try to sum up the same unique atmosphere. The project involved 35 countries from 5 continents.

The book is dedicated to three great artists who passed away recently, but keep on enlighting us with their teaching: Claude Schumacher, Head of the Department of Theatre Studies at Glasgow University,  Claudio Meldolesi, DAMS Chairman at Bologna University, Emilio Pozzi, professor of History of Theatre at Urbi­no University. Thanks to their insights, they showed us the way to a specific field of university research which enhances the art theatre and the theatre for social interaction.

The above event was organized by the Aenigma University Theatre Centre of Urbino, in cooperation with the International University Theatre Association (I.U.T.A./A.I.T.U.)

The Conference was combined with “Teatri e Contesti” International Festival, with 11 shows from 5 continents. It was well documented by Franco Deriu photos and by Maria Celeste Taliani video, which also shows the meeting with Dario Fo, who was awarded a prize, on that occasion, together with Franca Rame and Augusto Boal.


Gli attori nel teatro universitario /Les acteurs des théâtres universitaires

Actors in university theatre / Actores en el teatro universitario

Edited by Vito Minoia (Urbino University), Maria S. Horne (Buffalo University),

Jane Baldwin (Boston Conservatory), Cristiane Page (Université de Rennes 2)

Edizioni Nuove Catarsi, Urbino, 2010. Pagg. 252 . ISBN 978-88-905373-3-2

Text in Italian, French, English, Spanish


Persone originali

Video by Maria Celeste Taliani and Vito Minoia

Colours, Italy, 31 min.

Produced by Associazione Aenigma







(Carlo Bo University of Urbino, Italy)


Vito Minoia is professor of Theatre of Animation at the School of Science of Education at Urbino University. He studies the relation between theatre and education, and he carries out research activities in the field of theatre for social interaction. He is the vice chairman of AITU-IUTA  (International University Theatre Association).

He is a theatre author and director; in 1990, he founded Aenigma University Theatre Centre in Urbino. He is the director of the European Journal “Teatri delle diversità” founded in 1996 with Emilio Pozzi. Vito Minoia is also the author of the following texts, without limiting to: Se all’università si sperimenta il teatro (Edizioni Magma, 1998), Di alcuni teatri delle diversità (with Emilio Pozzi, ANC edizioni, 1999), Recito, dunque so(g)no (with Emilio Pozzi, Edizioni Nuove Catarsi, 2009), I Teatri delle diversità a Cartoceto (Quaderni del Consiglio regionale delle Marche, 2010). In 2007, he was awarded the Prize of the Italian Association of Theatre Critics from Piccolo Teatro di Milano for his contribution to the development of the Social Theatre. In 2011, he was also awarded with the Gramsci Literary Prize for Lettere dal carcere (Letters from the Prison), which is the result of a collective dramaturgy in a long experiment with female and male inmates of the District Penitentiary of Pesaro.