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Universo Teatro 2011 Award


“Universo Teatro 2011 Award” is awarded to Jango Edwards. Jango career as a clown started more than 40 years, and he is considered as one of the greatest artist in the world. Thanks to his great ideas, his irresistible gags, and satirical caricatures, he made people laugh until crying. He entertained porters and queens, children and great-grandparents, from the Alps to the Pyramids… and much beyond. It is a great honor for us to award Universo Teatro Award to one of the most appreciated artists in the world.


Jango_Edwards Jango_naked_-_Foto_klausmorgenstern.com

During a clown's career he develops what is known as the "classic". Similar to a painter or sculptor, the performing artist creates various routines which, over the years, are groomed to near perfection. These acts are highlights of the performers repertoire which have become favorites of the player and the audiences over the years.
A performance of "CLASSICS" by Jango Edwards is a fast moving selection of comic mimes and songs selected from over twelve hours of Jango's best. No two presentations are the same but comprise a flow of sketches and other items, which are chosen at the moment to best suit the occasion and environment of the particular performance situation. The range of skills displayed during the production include mime, dance, magic, songs, acrobatics, music, comedy, stunts, revue, cabaret, poetry, juggling and puppetry.
Over more than thirty years, Jango Edwards has been creating new comedy shows that have toured Europe and the world, with an average of more than 200 performances a year. "Clown Power" - a big band extravaganza, "Pencilpeeni Zircus"- his freak show, "Nightmirrors" - a comic look at horror, "I Laugh You" - a clown history of man's past and future, "Klones" - a homage to Federico Fellini and the most recent presentations, "Mum" and "The Tony Balony Experience" is to mention only a few. The best sketches from these eventually find their way into "Classics" offering a rare opportunity, to the audience and theaters, to see an exhibition of Jango's master pieces by which his fame was obtained.
Oral Bob - Rock & Roll Preacher, The Great Retardo - Magician, Superman, Dick Dandy or the death-defying-dive-head-first-into-a-glass-of-water by the Great Zandu are but a sample of what you might see.




Universo Teatro - Students Jury

Universo Teatro is a festival of young people made for young people, especially for those living in our city. Active participation to the activities of this international and multicultural event is a real opportunity for social exchange, self awareness, and development of one’s expressive, behavioral, and cognitive capacities.

In this regard, high school students of Benevento have been involved in our activities. During the previous edition, the Students Jury proved to be the ideal way to allow high school students to actively take part in the Festival activities.

Once again, the Jury will be composed of a delegation of university and high school students from Benevento, and it will be focused on “on-the-job training of the audience”, with the support of distinguished figures such as the Artistic Director of the Festival, who is going to provide them with the guidelines to be aware and attentive members of the Audience and the Jury. At the end of the performances, the Jury is going to award “Universo Teatro Giovani” Special Prizes to the different university theater groups; the students will also have to express a judgment on the value of the performances.